Risk Management


Risk Management

By cooperating with the card organizations, synchronize the global real-time risk database, prevent future fraud and protect online environments in real time via behavioral biometrics and analytics, detect and reduce transaction risks, such as fraud, authorization, refusal, and dispute.

Why Choose Us?

  • Managed Risk

Grow your revenue with a multilayered risk service as we take on your risk management.

  • Standalone Risk API

Use our risk solution without integrating with our payments platform for a seamless integration.

We are Professional


Our platform uses Artificial Intelligence methods and Big Data and can fight fraud in 99+% of the Transactions with:


Artificial Intelligence provides great results when matching the risk matrix


We use Big data analysis to dig deep transaction risk


Customized risk matrix to address any industry specifics and risks


Prior to event, during the process and after the event monitoring


Machine learning based on millions of trading big data

Real time update of direct link card organization database

Expert strategies based on different industries

Continuous updating of risk control rules

Automatic recognition with 99% accuracy

Cross channel and cross platform use